onsdag 15 mars 2000

Classical music

1447. I'm listening to classical music. Some woman is singing in a language unknown to me and violins and cellos do their thing. Very nice and relaxing, something my back sorely needed. The music soothes my mind. My flat is a real mess, the dishes since yesterday are all over the place. I made two new drawing yesterday, from scratch. It was because I had been to #lothlorien, the IRC-channel for Elfwood-members and started discussing pirates. In the pictures Enygma and Vampyrica have donned Pirate-clothing. I'm currently planning on writing a pirate-story featuring their earlier incarnations, with Vampyrica as the evil one and Enygma as one of her pawns. But for that, I have to go to the library and fetch some books. Pirate-books and some book on anatomy. Then, after that, Submiss and I will spend some time toghether, maybe she can even rub my back....It really hurts.

1505. I just talked to SubMiss on IRC and she said she'd massage me, oh joy, I can now see an end to my suffering! Yay! Now I'm off to the Library to see if I can boost my brain-capacity.

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