fredag 17 mars 2000

cozy bitch

1526. I woke up late, since I just couldn't fall asleep last night. When My neighbours woke up at five, I was still awake in my bed. To much caffeine. Madonnas version of "American Pie" is coming from the radio. I grew quite tired of my MP3:s, but I bet I'll be listening to them again later today. Oh well. Today, as many other days, I am a cozy bitch, a nick I cannot use on RPGworlds servers since it's considered offensive. I put on my running shoes when I woke up and ran to the library and back. I read Maison Magazine. I really should clean up this mess called a flat. :)
1838. I've made dinner. Potato and onion soup, and for desert, chocolate cake. Courtesy of SubMiss, I didn't peel the potatoes, merely clean them.

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