onsdag 15 mars 2000

my interesting paleness

1203. I'll be off in seven minutes. Today I do have school at least. It will be great to se Jacob Friberg again and he even took notes for me while I was sick. :) The weather is wonderful, the sun is shining and I can feel my life-force returning to me. I even put some sun lotion on to keep my interesting paleness. If I have the time today I'll go buy some sunglasses and maybe even have a look at what kind of running-shoes I should invest in.

2016 I bought those shoes today, they were pretty sheep, but very cozy. *happy* I ran to the store just now and bought
Pringels and Coca Cola, not very healthy *laughter*. I'm free tomorrow. I really should get started on my appliance material for college. I wrote some background for Vampyrica today. I renamed her to Maria Davidsson which feels kind of sad. But I need to make a difference between her and myself because she is but a creation and I am the writer.
I bought an
american Elle and to my surprise I saw a picture of Vampyrica in it. I scanned the ad, which were for Givenchy Lipstick. Fake Vampyrica

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