onsdag 29 mars 2000


1749 I just showered for the first time since Saturday. It didn't hurt to much, although every wound itches now. I have them out in the air so they'll get some oxygen and heal better. Let us see how long I can go without covering them up. I slept at EvilGnarf's place, where SubMiss lives now that she's broken up with her boyfriend. SubMiss got some education considering Perl and Unix from Slowcoder and me and EvilGnarf went to Burger King. We considered a movie, but we had already seen all the good ones and didn't feel like a bad one so we took the bus back. We watched Dogma instead and I will never think of God as a man again. Wonderfull movie, inspiring and full of life. 

I wonder if I can still do handstands? I will try once my cuts n bruises are healed. In the morning I took the train to Helsingborg. It was a very cold and lonely morning. It felt good to meet Jacob again, he always cheers me up. He should actually be gratefull I'm kind of normal with him, because with SubMiss I sometimes totally go over the edge. Yesterday it was singing Disney-songs at the bus-stop, everyone was so not looking at us. We had a pop each at the local café here in Åstorp after she quit work and then I saw her to the train where I also met Anna Radomska very briefly. I'm considering cutting my hair of. I am also still getting fatter. F*ck that. Don't feel like running as long as my knee feels like this, and also I wanna run with SubMiss. We'll have to arrange something. This friday, I'm going to the movies with Middi and her boyfriend Andreas. We're going to see "Sleepy Hollow" my treat. It's a late christmas-gift.

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