torsdag 6 april 2000

Foot in my mouth


1841 Still Sunshine. I woke up around ten the first time because I had a really nice, wet dream. True love for once. It was all very romantic. I slept in for another hour but then they started drilling again and I got up. I had three cheese-sandwiches for breakfast, and drank some tea and Proviva. Went online for a while and had to turn of my computer and run to the bus 1211. It was cloudy when I ran over the hospital area and I sang "We're going underground" because I was happy. No one I knew was in the cafeteria and a lot of unknown people was hanging around the school. It was Multimedia-day and they were handing out brochures. The girl behind the counter was cute. Physics was about Quarks, Fusion, Fission and Light. I made three Engine sketches, and I really have to make a page for her. Then I got down to the computer-lab to print the missing pages for the lab-report. The Floppy-disk wouldn't work for me, but luckily it did for a neighboring classmate. I caught Erika on IRC and we discussed my moving into her apartment. She was actually happy I was maybe going to stay a year! I had to admit I was worried about that. One of the girls in the class followed me down to the train-station and I got on the train. On my way home I felt happy and full of life. Vacuumed the floor in the hallway and in the bathroom and had Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner. Still have to clean half the bedroom and I feel like redecorating. But I have homework...

2315 Almost midnight. Felt the hunger a little, but instead of succumbing to fat, I had a carrot. Okay, so I feel fat today....but I think that 67 kg is to much for a girl my height. There goes the superficial me. I have a right to be me. I was dancing in front of the mirror when I saw that the pant didn't fit like I wanted them to and that my ankles are thick, now if the ankle thing is fat or muscle, I don't know.
I'm a bit embarrassed about class today. We were talking about nuclear-power and I just had to blurt out "You know the fish die of you let out warm water in the sea? Cause then they start to mate to early in the season and the young don't survive" On the coffee-break Jacob reminded me that was a tad far away from the subject. I could stick a foot in my mouth. There would even be room for me to wiggle my toes. But I still want food. I can feel the smell of
Bolognese in my nose...mmm.

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