tisdag 20 januari 2004


Today I've had one lecture and after that I and Lena copied a whole book for Organizational studies. It took about two hours! Then we did our homework and I took the 15.43 train back to Gothenburg. Then I could meet my Vampire LARP-friends at our usual Café, the Café Talang (menas Talent). I also went with some of them to a local bar so that we could design the character for me and my cotierie's new ghoul. It was nice, but now I smell of yucky cigarette smoke.
I used to be a smoker, but I quit when I got together with my live in S.O, Jonny, and now I've also adapted to thinking of tobacco as smelly and bad.

I go to organizational studies at the Library school of Borås, in my spare time I participate in Live Action Role-Play. I also like to play other games like settlers, munchkin and Chez Geek.

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