onsdag 28 januari 2004


I just got up. Didn't have any lectures at all today. This weekend I didn't get to sleep in. On saturday I had to meet up with Addiz for a Lunch-date, she's going to the states very soon and I'm going to miss her. On sunday, Peter S wanted me to come over early for our role-playing game session because I had no character ready. I made a rat shaman gnome by the street name of Junk. Did I mention that we're playing Shadowrun? After a while Peter told we were turning one of our players out and wondered if I knew any girls who were interested in joining, I said I couldn't think of any girls, but that I knew that my Live in S.O, Jonny was interested. So we called home and he came over. From now on sundays will be much more fun.

On monday we had another seminar, on tuesday a lesson about decisionmaking.

And now here I am. With about 50 pages + to read.
Wish me luck.

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