onsdag 21 januari 2004

Went well

It all went like a charm. I was eloquent, almost too eager to speak and we all had a long discussion about post-structuralism.

Outside, the cold is really getting to me, -10 Celsius. Since I moved into the big cities I've become so aware of how I look that I don't put on enough to fight of the chills. By that I don't mean that I'm half-nekkid. It's just that I wont put on that extra, big, warm cardigan. Every day I fool myself that that chic red coat I got from Zaras in London will keep the cold at bay, if not with it's thickness, then with it's bright color.

A friend of mine has left her boyfriend and everything about Linda K is coming back too me. She was my friend through the later part of High School, my first best friend. We met each other when she was separating from her current Live-in S.O. When I was going to College she sent me an E-mail from Stockholm, she wasn't coming back.

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