söndag 22 februari 2015

Vlog: Knudepunkt 2015 - a personal reflection.

I vlogged once more because when I'm tired like I am now it's usually easier to get my message across when people can see my face and hear my voice. I went to a session with Jamie Snetsinger at Knudepunkt about Policy making and preventing sexual abuse and found a new friend in Jamie who is a darling. He invited me back alongside others to do another cocreative session about the same subject but where we used a so called case to see how our different worldviews could be implemented in a real world situation. It was enlightening and exhausting.

Since I've become interested in implementing ASMR at larps (and did so during Country Road (Landsväg) last summer) Petter Karlsson introduced me to another aficionado of this relaxing phenomenon and together we had a Playful ASMR workshop on saturday with a group of open minded people who left me feeling like a melted puddle of relaxation.

However there was also the issue I talk about in the video above, and what I had feared would happen at KP did. I had a hard time handling what I can only guess was cultural differences. The organizers I spoke to on sunday were supportive, and I also had friends rush in and take care of me when it became overwhelming.

I haven't been creative since getting home but then yesterday I found this nugget of love by chance. Listening to the song has been powerful. (Warning, extremely soppy and sloppy translation of lyrics below)

There lyrics are like this:

You are stuck between two world
people who know you knows your struggle and your ethics
one foot in the industry but your hand hold valiantly
Your imprisoned in a pattern
you don't have the power.

Oh Father, forgive me
your light it gets so clouded
the demons try to get at me
I feel like the gates of heaven locked me out
oh Father, understand me
your light it gets so clouded
the demons try to get at me
I feel like the gates of heaven locked me out

You don't break bread with people you have not starved with.
When the rain falls behind
You know
They didn't come with
The inner child, it is so lost now.
They all see you as their version of the Ghetto Prince
Never been a turncoat cause
you never had a coat to turn
It molded you into that 'tough guy'
Who never backs out
but inside tears are falling!

Oh Father...

No betrayal, no tears, you are greater than that
Soul of a warrior, you find other. When you were small.
Now that you are radiant, you all help build each other up
NO ONE shall beat you down, you've come to stay.
Forget the evil that happen along the ride, but don't forget what got you here
It's not far now!
Lionsheart, that's YOU!

Oh Father, you forgave me!
your light it dispersed the clouds!
And even if the demons try to get at me
I feel the gates of heaven have become unlocked!

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