måndag 23 februari 2015

Vlog + text: What a difference a day makes

So I'm slowly regaining my energy after that cold had me down. If you look at the video you will se me smile.

In todays Larps News.

I meant to have three Program items at the larp convention Prolog:

  • The Larp Women Unite meet up for the Facebook group Larp Women Unite on friday 19-21:45 in 4:e Teatern
  • ASMR och lajv (ASMR and larp) on Saturday 15:00-16:45
  • ASMR och lajv (ASMR and larp) on Sunday 10:00-11:45
But a friend needed help at their program item on Friday 15:00-16:45 so now I'm substituting during Att jobba sig ur krisen (Working through the crisis) which is a workshop connected to the larp Hinterland. That larp is set during a Swedish apocalypse due to war and plague. Participants play characters who did not get picked, not deemed useful for their country, but somehow they survived in refugee camps and through plague. Now all they have is each other, no matter if they like it or not.

I also got asked if I really did want to be out of game group leader för the so called Salites at  Krigshjärta 7 (War Heart 7). And I said yes and found out what kind of game play we will be responsible for. Krigshjärta is a big boffer campaign I've been involved in for years. Salites are military morale officers and represents Salen (The Hall) which is a part of the government of the totalitarian society of Cordovia.

Also seen on Facebook, the gender reversed larp Sigridsdotter has released their roles.

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