tisdag 1 juni 2010

I am hungry

En novell skriven för vampyrlajvet Kindred Society i Göteborg.

I am Hungry

They left the black car a few blocks back. The Spanish woman’s boot heels clicked quickly against the pavement. Her hair done so tightly the night wind doesn’t even make a single hair move. Not far behind, almost like a silent shadow, her unlikely companion weaves through the night. This one moves on both feet and hands, alternating between walking and almost running on all fours. She moves close to walls, stays out from under the electrical street lights.
Esmeralda leads them to a nondescript building.
-Here it is.
 Esmeralda stands tall. She doesn’t waiver. There is anger burning in her aura, and she lets Talulah peak through and hear her inner voice. He said I have a hole in my heart.
The door to the building isn’t even locked. Off course it isn’t, that would hinder people coming and going. Customers going in and out.
-         -  I told him if he didn’t stop I’d come back.
-          - Yes.
-        -   He hasn’t stopped.
-          - No.

I am hungry, and you will be something for me to eat. I am thirsty and you will be something for me to drink.
I am a stranger. And you will invite me in.
Esmeralda has her price, the owner of this parlor and the people within it, and Talulah will allow them to have words now. This one isn’t hers, he belong to her companion now. It was a done deal. Their strong voices fall away behind Jezebel as she leaves them for the incense filled, slightly reddish darkness of the other rooms deeper inside the apartment.
The Lord has sent me in all of his divine wisdom. It will be lovely. I promise it will be lovely. Believe in me.
The curve of Jezebels back. Her pathetic yet powerful silhouette fills the door frame with a halo created by the light from the living room. Talulah discards her dignity at the door, where it piles up. Then Jezebels long dark hair gets swept out of her face by knowledgeable hands. Another anonymous pre-dawn of absolute flesh. Cold, white skin getting warmed by the touch of many hands, receiving her. The charm of Jezebels predator vampire mind. Jezebels alabaster skin, the blue eyes, their intensity. Pale lips part, a bitter smile as fangs protrude. Talulah drinks with gratefulness. To forget, to let her pain subside. Embraced by human arms. They try to not let their fear and apprehensiveness show, professionally smiling faces surround her. But Talulah can see it in their souls. Pain and fear. Loss. Self hatred. For a moment she can make it all go away, drowned out by bliss. The Kiss.
The first one takes the edge of the world. Sweetness mingles in the salty iron taste of blood. The second one, smelling of perfume and incense, douses the fire in her belly. She sip another swig, letting her head tilt backwards and lets the dark deed fill her. Stranger pours into her. Jezebel has already peel back what usually binds her, what make her strong. And it's ok, mostly. The third one is tense but abandons herself into Jezebels hands. Her soft blond hair tickles Jezebels cheek.
Tickles. It was long ago, that I felt such a soft touch
Something thugs at her blood-soaked mind. The sound of boots hitting soft flesh. Of wide hands slapping skin. Meaning the hitting has begun. Esmeralda lost her temper in spite of thinking of her father’s cautioning words. But the current swipes Talulah under again. Soft hands. Lacquered nails. Make up over bruised skin. Hip, hand, thigh, back, calf, arm, ass, cheek, teeth, knee, heel, neck, elbow, ear, tongue, shoulder. Want to lick it up? Quiz over every curve we’ve got. A tint of heroin. Some cocaine. Amphetamine. A lot of alcohol. A tightening in her chest. A screaming voice from within. Get out. It's got to be enough. It's got to be enough.
It’s with a gigantic feat of will that Talulah untangles herself from embracing limbs. Every ounce of fear erased they are unwilling to let her go. But they are weak now and really can’t hold her back for long. Where is my coat? Where are my gloves, my dress, my pants? It has got to be 5 am. She once more sheets herself in armor and exits into the living room.
The neatly dressed Esmeralda sits on a dining table chair with her back to the hallway door, facing the front door. Her back is tense and Talulah can see the disgust in her aura. The man is on the floor, against a corner that he most likely backed into. Big bruises are forming on his forehead and he’s got a split lip. But there is no more blood than that and he is still breathing albeit unconscious. All the lights are turned off.
-Talulah? Esmeralda states into the void of the room.
Esmeralda seems more relaxed, shoulders sinking from their tensed and angered pose.
-          -Will we come back here?
-          -Yes. But at the end of nights like this. It's got to be enough.

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