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Talulah Jezebel: Alternate Endings part 2

Talulah Jezebel: Alternate Endings
Del 2

And then she couldn't remember. Then she couldn't remember. She couldn't remember. Couldn't remember. Remember.

Lights. Bright lights. Fluorescent strip lights was mounted to the ceiling above Talulah Jezebel. She was lying down, on top of something which was very soft. Her chest hurt. She immediately sat up to get a better look at her surroundings. A bed, she was on an unfamiliar bed, some blood, probably her own, had stained the white sheets. There wasn't much of it though. It was a rather large bed, in a rather large room. Stiel was sitting in his comfortable couch made of black leather and chromed metal. When he saw her stirring he put away what ever he was reading. It looked like some kind of a transcript. "I've taken quite a good portion of your memories now." He said. "A lot of people just gone, poof, like that. But do you know what? I'm going to let you remember Archon Király. Because in time, you will, like everyone else who works for me long enough feel for me, like you felt for him. And do you know the twist? The wonderful little twist?" She shook her head. It felt strangely empty. "I am going to leave Király's mind almost intact. Every night when he wakes up he will remember exactly who you are, and what you have done for his sake." And with that thought he left her. And through that whole night, she did not move.

She slept because morning came. She awoke because night returned. There was even more blood on the sheets. Her black leather coat was hanging from the washing-stand. She realized that she wasn't hungry any more. A warm hand touched her shoulder. She spun around. There was nothing there. Then came a distant fluttering, like that of bird wings. A voice. Whisperings. She twitched. It sounded like they were saying "The law, the path, the plan."
"Who's there?" Her voice trembled as she asked. Once again, the feeling of presence, and a sound like an enormous sigh was drawn. She felt a breath of wind in her chamber and then it all died away. "Who are you talking to, Fräulein?" Said Stiel who's sudden appearance almost startled her as much. She ran too him, pressing herself to the glass, searching for his blue eyes. "Please, there is someone in here." He raised one hairless eyebrow in disbelief, hands behind his back, suit immaculate. "There shouldn't be, Fräulein. Only yourself." One of Herr Stiels four armed servants was operating her door to open it. "Are you ready for your meeting with Király?" She veered away from the memory, like it was too painful to touch. "No need to wash, I am sure a little dirt and...blood wouldn't change the way he feels about you." She stepped out, relieved to leave the cell behind and eyed the four armed monstrosity warily. "Fräulein?" She looked down at her hands. Claws. Her eyes widened in disbelief. "I'm sorry, Herr Stiel." "Ah, no need to be. It still happens sometimes, Fräulein, must be a reflex. This way." They walked for a while, got into an elevator, as tastefully decorated as everything else in white, black and frosted glass. It stopped at the top floor and opened to a luxurious pent house office. Stiel and Talulah entered, followed by his helper. "Király?" she whispered in an asking tone of voice and twitched.
"Ah, yes." Stiel had walked a bit further into the room, collecting a remote control from a table. He pointed it towards a wall and pushed a button. A curtain slowly was withdrawn showing what had been hidden beyond.

It was still Király. It looked like Király. Somehow he had been mounted to a frame which in its turn was fixed to the white wall. But he had no legs beneath his knees and no arms beneath the elbow. Then she realized that it was those that the frame had been crafted from. Her hand flew to her mouth, the other then reached out towards him. "One night" said Stiel behind her "you might be tempted to let Király free. I would not do that if I were you. Because you understand Talulah, that Király is very, very hungry from now on. I have seen to that." She let her sight stretch beyond the world, and into the otherworldliness. There was not only Király there, something was inhabiting his broken body alongside with him. And the only things he felt was hate, and hunger.

"But still" Stiel continued "I am going to let you remember him and what you feel for him, I'll let you remember. Because I am kind. That, and because the fact that I am going to keep him as an ornament in my office is going to feel so much worse." There was a shimmer in the air next to Király. It was vaguely humanoid, but a lot taller than both herself and Stiel, who seemed not to notice. It was coagulating more and more as Talulah watched, coalescing into what seemed like a woman. It turned towards the Király ornament and gently as a breezed gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. Talulah blinked. The woman was gone. She twitched.

Years went by.
In time Talulah Jezebel Fritz hardly existed at all. There where times when she'd disappeared totally for hours, only to bee seen on the cameras posted everywhere in the complex. She existed as a handy shadow for Stiel, devoted, like all his other servants. And then one night Stiel was talking on the phone. He was walking around the office, not really thinking about the fact that he brought his handy Gangrel. And all the whispering came back to Talulah. She twitched and then she, without as much as glancing in Herr Stiel's direction dragged one of the steady couches across the thick carpet to where it stood in front of the Király-ornament, and then got a chair which she propped up against the wall on top of it. When she had climbed her tower she had come face to face with the captive Király. He stirred, as if it was feeding time. He remembered her. She remembered him.

And so she brought her hand up, and claws grew through her fingertips and hardened. She whispered words as softly as she could into his ear. Tears of blood formed in the corner of her eyes and spilled over. She was crying now. After all these years. And then she plunged her hand right through his chest and pulled out his heart. Final death was immediate. She stood there looking at her bloodied hand as his ashen heart slipped through her fingers. His distorted body withered away, loosening from the wall and fell to the floor. Király the warrior, Király the Gangrel, Archon Király, Hero of Gothenburg, Hero of Sweden was no more.

"Now. Why did you have to go and do that?" Stiel hung up on his investor. He looked mad. But she couldn't tell. She could never tell with him. She didn't care now. She was numb. She trusted Herr Stiel now. She trusted him to act. He'd know best what to do now. Two of his freaks entered the room. "Nothing to do about it now." Herr Stiel gestured towards Talulah. "Feed her to the mouth. At least she can feed the devourer."

They put her in the back of one of the vans; encased in the same kind of frame they put her in her first night in the complex. Herr Stiel didn't even care to come with them, it was like they were taking out the trash to him. She was alone in the darkness. No. Not alone. There was a tiny light. It grew.
"Hello Talulah."
"It's me. I know we haven't talked in a long time. But do not feel fear. You are still acting according to the plan. You still remember what I asked of you when you were dead. This is where you have always been heading. You are doing my will. You are going where angels fear to tread."

The End.

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