fredag 4 maj 2007

Talulah Jezebel: Girl in the corner

The girl in the corner.
Once more, she is the girl in the corner of an empty room, with no one to talk too. No one to talk too. No one who understood her. He wasn't here anymore. She still remembered the talk they had had under the Rhododendron bush by the church in the cooling evening. What she had promised him then and still kept since...
But it was getting harder. She felt herself getting harder on the inside. And now he was gone there was no one. Reverend Hosaia was across the ocean. Taylor was a friend, but not that kind of a friend, neither was Basha. Amelie was her captain, and had troubles of her own this evening. And Jeronn was a monster, as the way he handled his child had proven once more to her. So she sat alone in the complete dark until they came to her.

Talulah...they spoke...
Jezebel....they spoke...
The lord sends message and heed.
Too thee who is many times cursed and many times blessed.
The Lord is pleased with you and lets his face shine upon thee.
But he is also saddened by the acts of your brethren
those who truly wear the mark of Caine among you.... 

let the Lords will be known.
Let his will be done. 

Save them....Talulah Jezebel.....
Find them and save them... 

And weed the rest of them out.

And with that Talulah Jezebel is alone once more. Or as alone as she ever gets. Because the Lord is with her. Always.

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