onsdag 16 maj 2007

Talulah Jezebel: The boiling point.

The boiling point.

Zero Hour. The whole world holding it?s breath for this exact moment. Soon now, thing will start to tip over. One way or the other it will fall and crumble. Time to save what can be saved. One came almost hear the air rushing in to take up the space that soon will be empty.

But what space will be vacant?
That is yet to see.

William had been on the balcony when she came looking for him. And she?d been upset. She was here to help, not make matters even more complicated. But Basha kept insisting, and insisting. It was what she was put there to do. And off course Talulah respected her wise clan leader and would lovingly obey her commands. But this was beyond respecting the elders, this was beyond obeying orders, this was beyond wise words and reasons.
And she knew that it was Amelie who came too her rescue, the ever vigilant Captain. Her Captain. And how did she repay the favour? Badly. She didn?t even stay to se the way the Captains face shifted. The way her soul tumbled and turned.
She couldn?t expect them to understand. Not without the sight. To know without seeing. And telling them would make things so much worse. This was her cross to bear.
William was on the balcony when she came looking for him with the fire in her gut. He was surrounded by gangrel when she saw him first, but they went back inside. She tried to make him say he was sorry. He refused.

Talulah was very sorry he wasn?t sorry.
Sorry William.

I'm sorry angel...so sorry.

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