onsdag 16 maj 2007

Talulah Jezebel: Are you human?

Are you human? Still?
Talulah is.
Some vampires do not see themselves as human. Some refuse too. Some vampires see being human as being weak. Some see it as a blessed state that they no longer deserve after what they have had to do to survive as vampires. But Talulah Jezebel still sees herself as human and measures herself to standards. She is damned. But she is also blessed. She has her mission, and through that mission her life has meaning above and beyond herself. Talulah is quite simply a beliver, she belives in God Almighty, the God of her mother and father. The God of her sire.

Jehova is a demanding god. Jehova is a god of judgement. But he is also a god of love and of eternal grace. Amen. Jehova is God. God is God. God has a son who was born to earth as a human and died for the sins of all of humanity. Humanity got a clean slate. All remarks scratched of the criminal record. Humanity was reborn. This is what Talulah believes. What she was brought up to believe. And untill the night when she died she was no more able than you or me too break the bonds that made her and defined her. The bonds of being nothing more than a man. A human. But then she died and she became more than that. She was killed. It is true, that she was killed. She was an innocent and still she was damned. I can?t tell you what happened exactly, but some say she met her God and that he spoke to her.
Some say that and belive it.
I don?t know what to belive.
Talulah broke her bonds that night and became more. She became the eye, and she has the SIGHT. Many of my own clan has the sight, so it is a blessing I have the uttermost respect for. I can understand that someone would take comfort in the faith that it is God that grants her the Sight. Many would despair believing it came from the devil.
People...vampires who have the sight use it for many different things. All Talulah ever uses it for is to save people...kindred and kine alike. Mister Jeremiah, I have never heard of nor seen Talulah use it to do anyone any harm.

Yours Truly
Kitty of the clan Toreador
Member of the brotherhood Malkavia.

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