torsdag 26 april 2007

Talulah Jezebel: meditate

"Sword". She says out loud and lies the sword down on the concrete floor. "Toledo steel" . She sits down besides it, staring out into the half-lit room. Without looking she withdraws it from the scabbard and nimble, tiny fingers touches the cold metal of the blade. Her fingertips comes to rest there. "Sword" she repeats, "Toledo steel".
Unseeing eyes stares ahead, looking at something that isn't there. Her free hand streches out, seem to capture something from the air. "Chess piece....queen". She meditates on this. "still a pawn"
She plucks something else from the air, her right hand still resting om the sword. "Ring" another pause. "King......but only metal". Again the change. "Dice....chance." This one she seems to ponder for quite some time before shaking her head and dismissing it into thin air. "No such thing."
She leans her head to the side now and gets one more immatrial object.

"The Cross" She holds her empty hand up to the weak light, like she really saw something in it that she wanted some light on. She then moves it towards her chest where her own cross is nesting. She rest like this for a few seconds, left hand hiding the necklace. Then a wave, a cramp moves through her body, and her right hand is almost snatched away from the sword. She again lifts her hand away from her necklace and seem to stare with sadness and disgust at whatever invisible thing she's holding.

"This isn't his cross."
"This is yours."

But whoever she's speaking too isn't there.

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