torsdag 19 april 2007

Talulah Jezebel: Approval

They hunted in a pack for them. There was the Angel, and Alice, and Taylor and a Tremere and others getting fuzzy to her eyes.

Camerapeople. Warm camerapeople confused Talulah, the pitiful creature. Warm camerapeople who hid in the crowds where she could not se them as they flickered and melted in with everyone else.
Return and tell the captain. Return and report about them and what had happened. She´d know them if she ever saw them again, but she wished that she wouldn't. Wished she could wish them away. But that was only because she was a pitiful exuse of a soldier. Part of her had wanted to run away, to give in to the base instinct. But they were warm and almost human. They we'rent the Hurricane Katrina. They were not an act of God.
She wanted to be whole again. She longed to be whole.
She longed to be with God again, but she felt herself slipping further away from herself, and from God.

Where was He, when she needed to se His bravery? Where was He when she needed the good example? She'd do what He asked of her, to the last drop of her unholy blood. Just to see His approval.

And for the ArchAngels approval.
And for the Captains approval.
And for the Reverends approval.
And for the Angel Choirs approval.
And for the approval of Jesus.
And for the approval of God.

Did they all hunt in packs for approval?

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