torsdag 19 april 2007

Talulah Jezebel: Long time ago.

Talulah! Take these drinks to Stars customer! And be quick about it! The older woman shoved the tray into Talulahs hands. That,and her voice with the southern drawl abruptly awoke Talulah from the daydreams she'd been having. The jazzband was playing, just happy to have a gig tonight.

That girl is a bit slow, Martha
, the forty-something with red hair remarked to her younger collegue who was hanging by the bar waiting to be approached by any man who earlier on had seen her dance and maybe would request a private show. Cigarette smoke streamed between her lips when she replied by a consenting murmur and a I hear you Sally to her superior's remark. It had been a slow night, in a slow month, of a slow year despite the fact that they now served booze again. It was still illegal in some ways, but what the customer wanted, the customer got.

Talulah balanced the tray real carefull all the way to table number five and gently put the drinks down, avoiding Stars grinding buttocks. She was certain not to look either Star, nor the customer directly in the face and shyed away with an excusing a quickly fading smile as she backed away with the half-empty glasses of beer she had collected. Unfortantly she backed into someone. The band stopped playing.

The man didn't even care too look too see who got beer on his two-dollar suit before he landed a punch straight in the middle of her face. She was thrown to the floor with a whimper and immediatly started to cry quietly. This seemed to infuriate him.

Merv! Talulahs getting a beating again! the older woman shouted, with voice hardly descibably as caring, into the deep recesses of the bar. The man keept hitting. Star had stopped grinding and started screaming. From behind the bar came the man Sally had been shouting for. Woman! Get Jericho! Don't just stand there! But from the front door, already something was coming that could only be descried as a mountain of dark, muscular flesh.

That's it, You are so out of here!
 His voice was like stones booming against eachother, a deep rumbling from within. His hands that grabbed the offendor were like slabs of stone and his arms were muscular like atlas. The man was lifted clear of the floor and shoved through the room towards the back door where Jericho could work him over in privacy. The kind of privacy a back ally behind a strip club gives you.

They were bending over her. Star, Sally, Merv and Martha. The rest of the dancers had given the row a glance and then devoted themselves to keeping the customers busy. Martha was still smoking, Star was in still in tears, Merv concerned and Sally had that look on her face. Talulah coughed and tried to wipe the blood away from her split lip. She was crying, huddled on the floor. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry Sally. I tried to be carefull, I'll be even moore carefull. Please, please forgive me. Tears ran down her cheeks, mixing with the blood and the grime she got of the floor. There was yet another moment of silence, but then one of the jazz-players, a saxophonist took out a melody and the band started playing again.

They got her of the floor and she fell silent. Merv looked at Sally, like all of them. Don't look at me! Sally said, we all know she was like that when she got here! They was true. Merv had Jericho take her to their "Doctor" anyway, to see that nothing serious was broken. Jericho told him what had happened but said nothing about the old scars. They paid 10 dollars, some of it for his time, some for his silence. Jericho came here often, because of the job, but they rarely spoke.

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