torsdag 19 april 2007

Talulah Jezebel: Angels Fall First

She awoke
she had to be awake.
The two pains were confusing....his wounds and her own still melting into one feeling. Talulah sat up in the bath-tub where she´d chosen to rest for the day. Not only was the once warm bath-water now icy cold, but as always her lifeblood had seeped away from her, turning the water ar sickly pink. Her lifeblood...or his?
She half-expected the angel already, but there was no such precense in the darkened room. Slowly her wounds closed themselves to their maximum extent, leaving her famished. Hungry. Hungry once more. You could could run, or flee...but what had God asked her? He only asked of her that she go....where angels fear to thread.

It was up to him if he dared follow.

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