torsdag 19 april 2007

Talulah Jezebel

There was many...things she did not...reemember...but she was graaatefull that she had been allowed to float in the LORDS...precense for such att long time. Now she was back.

Gothenburg seemed a strange city to her. Other things did too. It was different than it had been before.
Kiralý had introduced her to some other gangrel and two of them had been watching her since. There was arrangements made for her, where to sleep. And they left. The arrangements were simple and she liked them and was gratefull. There had been no sign of her host.

Then there was day and Talulah Jezebel slept.

The next night was warm. Jezebel did not have a watch anymore but it felt like it was late for her to rise. There was a park, but no leafs were on the trees. She walked around for a bit, watching the young people. There was a smell of charcoal, beer and urine.

Hallå! Hej bruden! Du ser ju Dô ut! 

Jezebel had already been looking at the two boys for a while but they had not seen her. They were the right type. She was hungry. But she was not presented. Not to the prince. Not to the Senschal. She opened her hand and waved. It was the same insecure wave that usually came when she tried.


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