torsdag 19 april 2007

Talulah Jezebel: Halden

I fight for God.

There are always things that are worse, and to Talulah there was a strange comfort in that. She'd been bad, Jezebel, not following orders at all times. But she only did it in a hapless try to protect them. To protect them all.
She had failed.

She sat besides Tyler in the car, riding with him and Jack, who she was getting to know better. If they've been human she would have felt the warmth from them, but none of them were.
It was the same as last time, the headset, so that she could talk inside the heads of everyone and warn them. Keep them safe. And a vest to keep herself safe.
The reverend had actually dug up her old shot-gun from the church in New Orleans. Actually dug up, the dried up mud from the flooded church after hurricane Katrina could still be seen in the carved details of the stock and recoil pad. She could use this one better than the modern, halfautomatics from last time.

But she failed and Jack never did come back to Gothenburg.

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