torsdag 19 april 2007

Talulah Jezebel: there will be blood


"I have a phone, we could caall Alice"
"Jag ringer, du kan ju inte prata"
"She's on four"
"Öh...hallå? Alice?"

The pain was excruciating even though her enemy didn't hit anything vital. She'd taken worse but most of those times she had been face to face with her enemy, not jumped from behind and pinned to the ground. And it wasn't his claws pinning her to the wet ground that hurt the most, it was the fact that she was kept as an captive, an hostage against her clan. Just because she had been the slowest one, the one who set the pace for the rest of them. The one he had been toying with.
They snarled threaths to eachother in swedish and when they turned to talking instead she felt the pain subside and let loose it's grip. Slowly she worked herself over on her back, still lying down, only to find herself in the midst of a blaze of auras aflame....
The thud of the weapon, the uttered words of disrespect and she could see Taylors beast lunge before him. So she went for the enemy.

They all did.

And in the following darkness she could feel nothing more than impending doom and regret his blood was on her hands.

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