onsdag 28 januari 2004


I just got up. Didn't have any lectures at all today. This weekend I didn't get to sleep in. On saturday I had to meet up with Addiz for a Lunch-date, she's going to the states very soon and I'm going to miss her. On sunday, Peter S wanted me to come over early for our role-playing game session because I had no character ready. I made a rat shaman gnome by the street name of Junk. Did I mention that we're playing Shadowrun? After a while Peter told we were turning one of our players out and wondered if I knew any girls who were interested in joining, I said I couldn't think of any girls, but that I knew that my Live in S.O, Jonny was interested. So we called home and he came over. From now on sundays will be much more fun.

On monday we had another seminar, on tuesday a lesson about decisionmaking.

And now here I am. With about 50 pages + to read.
Wish me luck.

torsdag 22 januari 2004

special friend

I just woke up. No lectures today, so I don't have to go to Borås at all. Instead I'm going to Café Talang to do some homework and meet my friends. Especially one special friend, who rarely comes to visit us.
I just had breakfast, two sandwiches with some meat on, and Coca Cola. Now I hawe to jump into the shower and get ready.

onsdag 21 januari 2004

Went well

It all went like a charm. I was eloquent, almost too eager to speak and we all had a long discussion about post-structuralism.

Outside, the cold is really getting to me, -10 Celsius. Since I moved into the big cities I've become so aware of how I look that I don't put on enough to fight of the chills. By that I don't mean that I'm half-nekkid. It's just that I wont put on that extra, big, warm cardigan. Every day I fool myself that that chic red coat I got from Zaras in London will keep the cold at bay, if not with it's thickness, then with it's bright color.

A friend of mine has left her boyfriend and everything about Linda K is coming back too me. She was my friend through the later part of High School, my first best friend. We met each other when she was separating from her current Live-in S.O. When I was going to College she sent me an E-mail from Stockholm, she wasn't coming back.

tisdag 20 januari 2004


Today I've had one lecture and after that I and Lena copied a whole book for Organizational studies. It took about two hours! Then we did our homework and I took the 15.43 train back to Gothenburg. Then I could meet my Vampire LARP-friends at our usual Café, the Café Talang (menas Talent). I also went with some of them to a local bar so that we could design the character for me and my cotierie's new ghoul. It was nice, but now I smell of yucky cigarette smoke.
I used to be a smoker, but I quit when I got together with my live in S.O, Jonny, and now I've also adapted to thinking of tobacco as smelly and bad.

I go to organizational studies at the Library school of Borås, in my spare time I participate in Live Action Role-Play. I also like to play other games like settlers, munchkin and Chez Geek.

I like power

mood: contemplative
music: Rocky Horror Picture Show - I'm Going Home

People tell me that I like power. How do they know this? I do know that I despise being powerless. This does not mean that I need control, I see myself as a impulsive person who likes to try new things and leaving things to fate. Having recognised that truly nothing ever turns out as you expected and that to plan things to much will only instill anger and frustration.
Since I have a self-image of myself as incapable of seeing things through I overcompensate and do a LOT of different things. And every time somethings reaches conclusion and I am truly DONE with it I feel this inner joy, like I just proved something to myself and to the world.
Inside, there is this NEED to make my mark upon the world, and if not the world, then at least the neighbourhood.


Getting a degree in Library and Information Science
Building a small village with one of my LARP-groups
Playing a Toreador bon vivant in another LARP
Learning to be a better cook.
a vice chairman in one of the LARP-groups
in love with my boyfriend (hey, this is a big step for me)