tisdag 1 april 2014

Knutpunkt: A week in Gothenburg monday and saturday

On monday I get a call from Sebastian that one of the small larps being run at A Week in Gothenburg got cancelled and asked if I could possibly do one of the workshops I did at Prolog this year.
After work and doing my chores I packed my bag of disturbing things and headed for the social hub of A Week in Gothenburg, Arena 29 at Djurgårdsgatan 29.
I got 20 participants for my workshop about how to portray cinematic torture in a modern setting and I got great feedback from my participants. Tamm and Janusz helped out with both the demonstration I start with and helping the participants try out the different stations we designed.
Afterwards I walked some of the international guests to the bar Haket at Första Långgatan and then I got Charlotte home by tram. Went to sleep way to late.

Tuesday I had planned beforehand that I was going to do volunteering. So from 17:45 to 21:00 I was the host at Arena 29. I mainly just answered questions, helped people get nametags and talked a lot to Shoshana Kessock. Now the movie Role Models is showing on a big screen and I went through the routines for the night crew. Just like last night, a lot of people are at Haket. I'm tired and I don't have a lot to say. It takes a certain kind of person to juggle work, school, family and the larp community, Good night.

Tomorrow has the EduLarp Conference at the Visual Arena at Lindholmen and that sme evening we host the Nordic Larp Talks, short presentations about Nordic Larps led by Johanna Koljonen.

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