söndag 30 mars 2014

Knutpunkt: A Week in Gothenburg : Sunday

Every year a larp conference named Knutpunkt (when held in sweden) is organized in Sweden, Denmark, Norway or Finland. This year, 2014, it's organized in Halmstad, Sweden. The participants however come from all over the place.

The week leading up to Knutpunkt is called A Week in (City). This year it's A Week in Gothenburg, and that means a whole lot of international larpers and larp academics head to Gothenburg today. I will be volunteering parts of this week before I myself head to Halmstad and the even venue for Knutpunkt on thursday.

The youth house Arena 29 will be used as a hub and centre of activity. Some participants will sleep there and some meals will be served there. Tonight there will be a movie showing at Arena 29 at 18.00 and for those who are old enough to drink there is a beer-themed tour of Gothenburg at 19.00. Arena 29 is open for visitors, focusing on those the Youth house is aimed at, the young people who usually attend activities there. Both visitors and those who sleep at Arena 29 have to be sober when they are in the house.

Here are directions to Arena 29

I'm looking forward to having conversations with people coming from other perspectives on larp and expanding my knowledge even further.

Me and Nathan Hook at Knutepunkt 2011

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  1. Skit snygg du var då skit snyggt hår och hårfärg och frisör
    Där var skit snygga Karin Edman